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Research Projects & Funding

  1. Department For International Development (DFID), UK
  2. World Fish Center, Penang, Malaysia
  3. European union 
  4. Department of Biotechnology (DBT), Govt. of India
  5. Indian Council of Agriculture Research (ICAR), Govt. of India
  6. Jala Samvardhane Yojana Sangha (JSYS), Govt. of Karnataka
  7. Department of Fisheries, Govt. of Karnataka
  8. Karnataka Watershed Department

Major Contributions

  1. HRD :   2 Vice Chancellor ; 1 Dean

Research :

  • Development and release of new breed of Common Carp Amur
  • Framing of Guidelines for Genetic management of brood stocks
  • Development protocols for marking and tagging
  • Optimized protocols for production sterile common carp through triploidy induction
  • Breeding of Fresh water prawn
  • Technologies for Fresh water Fish Prawn in Rain-fed seasonal tanks.