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Department of Livestock Product Technology

Department of Livestock Products Technology is one of the major Departments in BVSc & AH course curriculum.  As per VCI (MSVE 2008) the courses LPT-311 (1+1) i.e.  Milk and Milk Products Technology and LPT-312 (1+1) i.e. Abattoir Practices and Animal Products Technology are offered during 1st Semester of 3rd year professional students of BVSc & AH.  The LPT- 321(1+1) Meat Science course offered during 2st Semester of 3rd year professional students of BVSc & AH. The Department was completed one university funded research project entitled “Studies on the effect of curing and combinations of flour on quality of enrobed chicken” and one ongoing infrastructure project entitled “Upgrading the facilities in the area of meat processing including establishment of mini abattoir and quality control” funded by MoFPI, NMFP is under progress. The Department is also involved in various extension activities conducted both at College and University level.

Retort processing machine

Instructional Sheep and Goat slaughter Unit