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Department of Livestock Production and Management

The Department of Livestock Production Management is offering the courses for B.V.Sc & AH as per MSVE 2008. The department is also offering the post graduate courses and having all the facilities for handling the practical classes. The Department also conduct need based training programmes for the farmers and for rural unemployed youths to become Entrepreneurs in livestock and poultry production.

Course No.

Course Title

LPM 111(3+1)

Livestock Production Management- I
(General Principles and Management)

LPM 121 (1+1)

Fodder Production and grassland management

LPM 122(1+1)

Monogastric and Laboratory Animal Production

LPM 211 (1+1)

Avian Production Management

LPM 221 (1+1)

Commercial Poultry and Hatchery Management

LPM 222 (1+1)

Commercial dairy cattle and buffaloe production