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Department of Teaching Veterinary Clinical Complex

Teaching Veterinary Clinical Complex at Veterinary College, Shivamogga, is providing Clinical training for undergraduate veterinary students; undertaking clinical research in animal disease investigation and treatment; and rendering clinical and consultative services for health care of livestock, pet animals, laboratory animals and wild animals.  Medicine, Surgery and Gynecology units are well equipped for examination and treatment of both large and small animals.  Various modern equipments like rumen liquor suction and rehydration unit, ferroscope, ophthalmoscope, video-otoscope, woods lamp, electronic mastitis detector, electronic stethoscope, oxygen concentrator etc., are used for special clinical procedures.  Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory is equipped with modern sophisticated equipments like Hematology analyzer, serum biochemistry analyzer, urine analyzer, illuminated binocular microscopes, phase contrast microscopes, ELISA reader, laminar air flow, incubators etc., for routine analysis of blood, urine, feces, secretions, scrapings, body fluids etc. Advanced diagnostic technologies are available like color Doppler unit, portable veterinary ultrasonography unit, C-arm image intensifying unit, Multi-parameter monitor, ECG, vaginal endoscope etc. which greatly help in disease diagnosis and treatment.  The expert faculties from all clinical and para-clinical departments render their service and work together to diagnose and treat animal patients.  The faculty and staff are committed to provide individual patient care, education to animal owner and imparting hands on training to undergraduate veterinary students.  Varieties of animal species with various ailments are presented to the TVCC and over 7000 animals are treated annually. Veterinary clinical service is also provided through ambulatory visits and animal health camps at village level attending more than 1000animals annually.  Disease diagnosis, treatment and consultation services are provided at wild animal facilities like zoo and elephant camps on request. 

On-going research:

  • Investigation of disorders of thoraco-abdominal region based on Ultrasonography findings and ultrasound guided sample collection in cattle. PI: Dr. Dhanalakshmi, S., Assistant Professor.