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Livestock Research & Information Center (Deoni), Hallikhed (B), Bidar


  • Livestock: The farm has a large herd of Deoni cattle. Detailed breeding and performance records are maintained to ensure selection of best performing animals for breed improvement. Surplus cattle are given to farmers for breed propagation.
  • Fodder: High quality fodder seeds, stem cuttings and root slips are sold to farmers at low prices. Perennial fodder varieties like Hybrid napier (DHN6, Co4, Yashwant), Guinea grass, Rhodes grass, Multi-cut jowar (CoFS29), Lucerne, Stylo hamata and Hedge lucerne have been planted in about 14 acres land. Other varieties cultivated include Maize, Hybrid sweet sorghum, Cowpea, Sorghum and fodder trees.
  • Fodder museum: A fodder museum with over 40 different high-yielding and improved fodder varieties is present. Informative sign boards regarding the utility of each fodder variety and their agricultural practices guide the farmers in cultivating improved fodder varieties.
  • Training: Periodic training programmes are conducted for farmers and students in different aspects of animal husbandry. Internship training is also provided to students from various Veterinary Colleges. A training hall with a seating capacity of 50 persons and audio-visual equipment is present. A farmers’ hostel with a capacity of housing 30 persons with kitchen facility is also present.
  • Laboratory: A modern laboratory with essential equipment – automatic milk analyzer, hot air oven, deep freezer, centrifuge, sensitive weighing balance, livestock weighing balance, compound microscope etc. is present for taking up research work.
  • Consultancy: Farmers having queries on any aspect of livestock production management can get clarifications at the centre.