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Research activities:
Research has been conducted by Masters Students and faculty with funding sponsored by Zoo Authority of Karnataka and KVAFSU Bidar with an aim to generate baseline data on wildlife of this region as well as understand and address the health problems in captive and free ranging wild animals.

Areas of research undertaken:

  • Renal failure in wild animals
  • Wound in wild animals and snakes
  • DNA based identification of tiger specimens
  • Anesthesia in lions
  • Wild animal disease pathology
  • Nutritional health in captive animals
  • Tuberculosis in bears
  • Salmonellosis in migratory birds
  • Parasites in primates
  • Human-wildlife conflict
  • Mortality patterns in zoo animals
  • Foot problems in elephants
  • Foot and mouth disease in elephants
  • Reproduction in captive birds
  • Gastrointestinal parasitism in captive deers and elephants
  • Skin problems of snakes
  • Shell diseases of turtles

Training and workshop

Training and workshops are conducted with an emphasis to
- Impart skills on wild animal management, diagnostics, pathology, restrain and treatment for Veterinary officers of the state.
- Create awareness among the para-veterinary staffs of Forest Department of Karnataka on wild animal related aspects.

Extension Programs

  • IWVR is conducting activities in the form of competitions among school children, talks, campaigns, and radio and television programs to create awareness in public about the value of wildlife.
  • Involved in expert health advisory assistance to different Zoos of Karnataka.